The Miracle Meal Prefilled Communion Set (100% Grape Juice) - 250/box

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Unleavened Wafer/100% Grape Juice
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This Miracle Meal Wafer and Juice Set combines modern convenience and the respect for the tradition of Communion. Prepackaged Communion cups contain both the juice and wafer in a single two-part container. Each hygienic single cup fits into standard Communion cup trays for convenience.

  • 100% Grape juice and unleavened wafer
  • Recyclable, eco-friendly plastic cups
  • Ready to serve, no refrigeration needed

Also available in other convenient pack sizes of 100/box (#J6500) and 500/box (#J6502).

  • Guaranteed shelf life of 3 months from manufacturing date, shelf life extended to 6 months when kept refrigerated