Blessed Nation X-Stand Banner

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Hurry! Limited Quantity Available
Satin Polyester
23" W x 63" H
Mix & Match:
Buy 1 - 3 and pay only $39.95
Buy 4 - or above and pay only $34.95

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F4693,F4694,F4695,F4696,G3181,G3183,G6159,G6163,G6164, G6345,J6580,J6581,J6582,J6583,L0918,L0919,L0920,L0928,L0929, L0930,L0931,L5467,L5468,N0778,N0781,N0782,N0783,N0784,N0
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The Celebration Banners™ Blessed Nation X-Stand Banner is an exquisite addition to your worship environment or during any sermons honoring our members in service. It features clear and vibrant images printed in high resolution on wrinkle-resistant, satin polyester fabric and is perfect for displaying in foyers, sanctuaries, naves, or learning centers on 4th of July, Veteran's Day or during any sermons celebrating our members in service. Designed to display in a series or as a stand-alone banner, this banner fits easily onto an X-banner stand (MS255) sold separately. Enjoy a wide variety of banners by mix-and-matching any four designs and getting $5.00 off your custom-arranged set.